From Scars to Beauty Marks

To you mamas who brought your precious baby into this world via c-section-if you answer yes to even one of these questions, you are in need of a scar assessment and massage:

Is your scar numb?

Does your scar itch?

Is your scar painful?

Are you having difficulty losing belly fat?

Do you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your scar?

Have you had decreased intensity of orgasms since your delivery?

Even if you aren’t experiencing any of the symptoms above, over 90% of abdominal scar tissue causes issues decades later like persistent back pain, pelvic pain, urine leakage and constipation.

Below is what one mom who had a c-section over 20 years ago had to say:

…The remarkable thing that took place in the releasing of the scar was that I have had pain in my lower abdomen for YEARS and I no longer suffer from it. The doctor explained this was scar tissue and to remove it would require another surgery which would in turn produce more scar tissue. 😩 Well, in the releasing of the scar Mrs. Katherine removed that pain!!! If you are experiencing incontinence of any kind, please allow Mrs. Katherine to assist you… You will be surprised at how scar tissue affects other areas of your body. It is worth the investment! It will change your life! I saw an immediate improvement in my scar area and it has had a lasting effect on me physically and emotionally!


Contact us any time at 478-254-0122. The relief that comes with the release is unbelievable and the cost is $200.00! You will get an in-home assessment, a scar massage, instruction on how to massage the scar yourself and a home exercise program.