Evidence versus Excuses

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May 16, 2018

Evidence versus Excuses

When apologizing to a friend about my car being messy, my friend responded, “No need to apologize. You have a child. The clutter is just evidence of that.” After that day, I became even less diligent about cleaning up my car until one day I realized the following: a bookbag full of toys, a car seat and a potty chair are enough evidence that I have a child…the Doritos, stray fruit snacks, smeared milk, and excess clothes are excuses for having a child. In other words, I was being lazy. I decided then and there that I would not use having a child as an excuse for having a messy car. Immediately, I cleaned out and bleach-wiped down my car. Three hours later, my car looked brand new.

Likewise, some moms may have stretch marks or a scar that are evidence that they had a child; the excess weight, however, can be an excuse. I challenge you to decide to do something each day to eliminate excuses for still having baby weight years after your child has been born and be living proof that #momssnapback


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