Check yourself…for diabetes

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019

Check yourself…for diabetes

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If you had diabetes when pregnant, there is up to a 60% chance that it will progress to type II diabetes over your lifetime according to the World Journal of Diabetes. Unfortunately, studies also show that most moms who had diabetes while pregnant do no get their glucose rechecked after they give birth; as a result, diabetes can go undetected.

In working at the hospital, I have run across many people who do not realize that they have diabetes until they are being worked up for an amputation or go into a diabetic coma.

As I do not want anyone that I know to experience any of the complications associated with having undetected diabetes, please commit to being checked. The American Diabetes Association recommends that all women with a history of gestational diabetes have a two-hour glucose tolerance test at six weeks and at least every three years after giving birth.

If you have diabetes, one of the best ways to regulate your blood sugar is to exercise. If you don’t have diabetes, one of the ways to avoid it is through exercise. Please read the article below for more information about how exercise helps regulate blood sugar.…/typ…/type-2-diabetes-exercise

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